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.June 8, 2010@10:11 PM.

Its been a while since my last post. anw, i hv not really done well for my exams. Im the only person in 3A1. I was lucky i guess. Training had been really tough and now theres only 3 trainings left. So far we only trained on our stamina. Conditioning was not in the question. We did not even have a conditioning training. We were warned that it would be very cold and we will get mountain sickness. Theres alot of things to bring. My beg was super big. Have not even start packing. I hv a competition on the 19 and tht night i had to sleep over at sch and go to the airport the next day. It was a 5D4N camp. Okays..till here. adios amigos!!

.April 14, 2010@7:48 PM.

hallo2..just came back from school. had a captain's ball tournament. my team members are wenjie, ridwan, sahairul , ling yu and myself. our first match was againts . hope 3/4 we won 8-3. next was hope 3/3, we won again . cant remember the score. final match was against intergrity 3/3. unfortunately we lost. 6-3. it was a tough game cos there are all basketball players. we did not won any prize. but we are still happy in the end. tmr we will get something from ms marina. all of us played our hearts out.. thats all. . gotta go and rest. very very tired.


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